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Recent news and events on the web regarding Louis Jordan:

Musical Pioneer
An interesting article about Bruce Fessier who had an impact on early stages of the recording industry after World War II. Including the Race Records where Louis Jordan appeared for some time. Musical Pioneer (2/6/2006)

Five Guys Named Moe Musical (At Buffalo, NY)
The Studio Arena Theatre in Buffalo NY is featuring Five Guys Named Moe from April 21 to May 20. Check out the details. (1/27/2006)

Five Guys Named Moe Musical (At Rochester, NY)
The Geva Theatre Center in Rochester NY will be performing Five Guys Named Moe in June of 2006. Check out the details. (1/3/2006)

Party animals, 'Moe' or less
A review of the recent production of Five Guys Named Moe in Merrick NY. (10/31/2005)

Five Guys Named Moe Musical (Salt Lake City, UT)
Yet another performance of Five Guys Named Moe! This one in Utah at the Pioneer Theatre Company in May 2006. (10/27/2005)

Five Guys Named Moe Musical (Merrick, NY)
Stage Theater in Merrick NY will is putting on 5GNM until Nov 20th, 2005. (10/27/2005)

Five Guys Named Moe Musical (Wichita, KA)
It is a bit late, but Stage One in Wichita Kansas put on the Five Guys Name Moe musical in October 2005. Read about the premier here. Reviews and updates here, and here. (10/27/2005)

Seattle Jazz Festival
The Seattle Jazz Festival is presenting a host of soundies and Jazz shorts in late October. Read about it here or go to the official site. (10/27/2005)

Arkansas Black Hall of Fame
Louis Jordan was inducted into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame in 2005. A local news article regarding the event here, and here. (10/27/2005)

The Swing Parade of 1946
In depth review of The Swing Parade of 1946 on The Bootleg Files. This is particularly interesting considering the rarity of such a movie. (10/27/2005)

New Louis Jordan Number Ones CD (12/26/2005)

Many people have asked about the Louis Jordan cd titled Number Ones which was mentioned on a talk show about a month ago. The cd is out, and you can get it at amazon. Although, this 5cd set is still by far a better deal.

Finally, Posters for Sale (11/30/2005)

Finally a poster site that sells some Louis Jordan stuff. They are larger ones, not the lobby card size. Posters For Sale

New Of Interest Section (10/27/2005)

A new feature on the home page has been added. This "Of Interest" section will feature news, events, interesting ebay auctions and generally anything Of Interest on the web regarding Louis Jordan

Lyrics to Five More Songs (10/24/2005)

Added the lyrics to the following songs: Roamin' Blues, Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin', Sweet Lorraine, Life Is So Peculiar, and Whatever Lola Wants. We now have lyrics to 70 Louis Jordan songs compiled in the lyrics section.

Lyrics to Nine More Songs (10/17/2005)

Thanks to Louis Jordan fan Nick we have lyrics to nine more songs. If You So Smart, How Come You Ain't Rich?, Mop-Mop, Barnyard Boogie, Fat Sam From Birmingham, Run Joe, Chartreuse, Tamburitza Boogie, Hog Wash, and School Days. Thanks again Nick!

CD Added To Collector Listing (8/31/05)

A new CD was added to the obsessive collector listing catching a later block of recording time for Jordan. One of his last recordings done with Johnny & Shuggie Otis around 1972. Many thanks Sebastian a fan and collector of Louis Jordan for sending in this bit of information.

New Layout (7/4/05)

The new layout is complete. With the new layout the Photo Gallery is finally back! In fact, the photo gallery was greatly expanded to include many new images. Commenting features are also enabled on many of the pages allowing you to add your thoughts.

Soundies DVD (10/22/04)

This DVD contains 35 tracks. Some of them are the original soundies that were produced, others are just clips of the songs from the movies they were in. Either way this is a great way to see all the music performed by Louis Jordan. This DVD has been around for quite a while, and could commonly be found on ebay but is now available on Amazon.