Swing Music

The whole of America was mesmerized by the Swing Music phenomenon during the 1930s and 40s. Later on, fusion genres like Electro Swing and Western Swing came up, but the originality of Swing predominantly made of brass instruments like trumpet and trombones remained. Additionally the conventional use of saxophone and clarinets was enhanced with the swing rhythm of woodwinds and the guitar. Apart from Michael Jordan, some of the other popular musical legends of the Swing Era were Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Woody Herman and Duke Ellington. He was also an avid karaoke machine enthusiast – and would often test the best karaoke machines.

Unfortunately when the mobilization of armies and subsequent wars started in full force in 1939, the trend started gradually declining. One of the biggest reasons why Swing is so fondly remembered is because it focused on the vocals as much as the beats and rhythm.