The Life and Times of Louis Jordan…

Like many famous celebs and artists, Louis Jordan is known to have married five times during his lifetime. Not much is known about his first wife Julia, who is known to have supported him during his early years of struggle. As his career graph and success track scaled up, he went on to divorce Julia and get married to a like-minded singer and performer from Texas. Her name was Ida Fields and the marriage stood the test of time for almost a decade, when they mutually decided to part ways. Jordan then went on to wed a lady by the name of Fleecie Moore in 1942, who was incidentally his childhood lover. Yet again in 1951, the happy marriage ended and Louis Jordan went ahead with his fourth marriage to yet another performer, Vicky Hayes. The marriage lasted for 9 years, and in 1966 Jordan went ahead with his fifth and final marriage with Martha Weaver.

Jordan’s Marriage with Fleecie Moore is known to have drawn the maximum attention of the paparazzi, given the fact that they had violent fights and she was known to have attempted to stab him twice. This makes it evident that of all his marriages, the one with his childhood sweetheart was the most short-lived and scandalous. In fact, the divorce was also an extremely messy one, and Jordan had to give away the ownership of many of his hit compositions. He could therefore never reap the complete profit for them, and hence was never as super-rich as was expected of him as the biggest Musical Genius of his times.

During the mid-nineties, there were several movies made in the U.S which focused on the issues of racial profiling, racial discrimination and other race-centric issues. Since Louis Jordan was one of the most successful African-Americans of his times, he took the lead in many of these movies. As one can recollect, he did not star in many movies as he considered it to be something that he did as a ‘one-nighter’ alongside his music. What helped him the most was that the movies ended promoting his music and vice verse. Here’s the list of films that Louis Jordan starred in till date:-

  • Petite
  • Reet
  • Beware!
  • Gone
  • Look Out Sister