Top Compositions Ever LJ


Produced by the Decce label and written by none other than Jordan’s third wife Fleecie Moore, Caldonia was one of the biggest hits of Louis Jordan’s Musical Career. This sing belonged to the ‘Jump Blues’ Genre and was recorded by Jordan (as part of the Tympany Five Band) in 1945. Since it was the post-war time period, the music went on to be a chartbuster. Of course, Jordan could not reap the complete financial success of this number, owing to his messy divorce with Fleecie subsequently.

Saturday Night Fish Fry

Again an outstanding number composed by Jordan and Walsh from the Tympany Five Band, this was actually Jordan’s first major hit. This released in the same year as Caldonia, and went on to make Michael Jordan post-war America’s biggest musical sensation. Of course his appeal was initially restricted to the African-American Audiences only, but very soon his music started appealing to the White Masses as well (particularly during and after the Late Swing Era), and very soon, Jordan became a global icon.

Ain’t That Just Like a Woman (They’ll Do It Every Time)

A song about salacious women that have tormented men in the pages of history, became immediately popular. There were references to many infamous women of the past like Marie Antoinette, Delilah and also Eve from the biblical times. Performed in a light vein, the song definitely struck a chord with the audiences in 1946.

Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby

Co-written by Jordan and Billy Austin, this composition was released in 1944 and has had several improvisations and cover versions in movies like Billy’s Holiday and cartoons like Tom and Jerry- Solid Serenade. Since this song was recorded during World War 2, a Jewish writer who moved to America was known to have contributed to it as well.

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