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triviaFive Guys Named Moe

An outstanding tribute to the exemplary music of Louis Jordan, this Broadway Musical won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment. This was also nominated for the Tony Award in 1992, under the categories of ‘Best Musical’ and ‘Best Book of a Musical’.

Louis Jordan was an avid fan of karaoke; and would often invite all of his family and friends over to karaoke sessions. We strongly advise reading a fine selection of karaoke machine reviews to find a model that has Louis Jordan’s music on so that you can replicate his favorite pastime!

Ration Blues

Ration Blues was Jordan’s first ever Crossover Hit and this song became an immediate sensation, thanks to its connect with the masses. In addition to being hailed as the ‘King of the Jukebox’, Jordan has also been honored as the ‘Father of the Rhythm and the Blues’ and ‘the Grandfather of Rock N Roll’. Despite having passed away in 1975, his popularity amongst music lovers remains immense till date, and a number of music schools in the specific genres have entire chapters dedicated to his legacy and compositions.


A movie starring Louis Jordan, Frank L Wilson, Milton Woods and Valerie Black that was released in 1946, Beware was amongst the series of race films that Jordan starred in. This was produced by Bud Pollard, who also happened to co-direct the film along with Berle Adams. The screenplay was written by the very talented John E Gordon, and the plot involved financial help sought by Ware College and the subsequent admission of Jordan in the college. The fun part being that his classmates were aware of who he was, but the faculty was not!

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